Are you ready to change the way you practice music?
Tunemio will change the way you practice

Tunemio makes practicing music less of a chore. It turns your device into a groove machine and helps you achieve more.

Recording your practice sessions and analysing them afterwards helps you improve your skills faster and more efficiently.

Tunemio maintains a journal of your rehearsals and tracks your progress.

With Tunemio you are able to follow your achievements and listen to how you are becoming better and better.

Record all your practice sessions
Tunemio records everything

With Tunemio you can practice and re-record the challenging parts of a song over and over again and hear how you are evolving into a better musician.

Tunemio works with vocals and all instruments.

Tunemio provides a set of intuitive and easy to use production tools and audio effects that you can use to improve your results.

Practice on top of backing tracks
Play and sing with your favorite artists

Tunemio enables you to sing or play along to any song in your iTunes-library.

The iTunes Store is full of such state-of-the-art renditions of all genres of music.

You get the best results using songs specifically designed for play along or karaoke purposes, but you can use any music as backing tracks.

Quantify your actions and progress
Total Musical Recall

Tunemio keeps a journal of your musical activities and accomplishments.

The journal helps you remember what you have done and when, and provides an easy way to locate your best works.

Available on iPad
Use your iPad

An iPad combined with Tunemio gives you a very portable and convenient practice environment. Practice anywhere you want, with the songs you want!

Tunemio is now available for iPad in App Store in worldwide.

Its availability will be extended to other regions during 2014.

Available on OS X
Use your Mac

Tunemio on OS X provides you with an intuitive digital audio workstation optimized for practicing.

Tunemio is available on OS X in the Mac App Store worldwide.

Singing Christmas Greeting
Personalize Your Christmas Greetings

Singing Christmas Greeting is the easiest way to send truly personal wishes for the holidays.

Choose from nine classic Christmas carols, record yourself singing along. Share the song, accompanied with a selection of photographs to your friends or family via Facebook, e-mail or messages.

Singing Christmas Greeting is a universal application, and available for both iPhones and iPads.

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